Camera Rentals

You have spent a lot of creative time and effort putting together your video content ideas. It is imperative that you also take the time to consider the quality of your filming equipment, especially your camera. Your film project deserves the best. Don't settle for video shots take with mediocre camera equipment that cheapen your final result.

Along with our other full production services, Murukan Pictures also offers camera rentals to contribute to the success of your final project. Get fully geared up to deliver your best work without the large investment cost of purchasing new equipment. We have various camera options available for your use including: cinema cameras, camcorders, DSLR, action cameras, still cameras, and many more. Name any pro-grade cameras and we likely have them available for your use.

We use only the best brands of professional cameras that are trusted across the industry. Our inventory includes: Arri Flex 435, Arri Alexa x plus, Arri Alexa plus, Arri Alexa Mini and Sony Venice. We also handle all of our equipment with the utmost of care, just like we do with our clients. You can expect quality, top-of-the-line, and well-maintained equipment when you rent from us. Best of all, all of our camera rental packages are competitively priced to fit easily into your production budget.

Along with cameras, in our rental catalog, you can also find any accessory you could have need of. These helpful add-ons include:
• Tri-pods
• Storage cards
• Filters
• Lenses
• Camera support to hold or cage cameras
• Sliders and motion stabilizers for smooth shots

Along with your convenient equipment rentals, you can also benefit from our professional expertise. Our team is happy to provide insight into how to capture that next perfect breath-taking shot. You can also expect on-time deliveries to help guarantee you a smooth video production process. Drop us a message now to learn more about our available cameras and to book your rental.